My Favorite Living Rooms Styles

                  Know Your Place

   Redefine "Neutrals"

 If you don't love playing with tons of pattern and bold colors but do appreciate experimental pieces and tasteful pops of color, take note from this living room. Rather than opting for all black and whites, the anchor pieces—like sofa and tables—bring remain neutral while the throws, artwork and lamp offer just a splash of color (nothing too crazy, just marigold, red, navy, and green).

                                         Consider Your Surroundings

Pick Comfy Seating

This hot pink fireplace was inspired by the homeowners' grandmother's favorite shade of lipstick. Have fun with little details like that and look for inspiration everywhere! If painting your entire living room a bold color sounds intimidating, opt for a statement wall or mantle.

Make Things Easy On Yourself

Make it easy on yourself by sticking to a very consistent, very simple color scheme. In this space this design team worked within a strictly all-white color story. Even the firewood is painted white! We'll let that be a lesson in attention to detail. They choose one item to really pop in a bright color. In this case, she went with a bright red Pierre Paulin Ribbon Chair.

Always Remember That Less Is More!


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